Lebanon Aid

We, in the OSMTJ Grand Priory of Lebanon, are helping Christian families in need especially in these difficult times and that our country is facing.

When the Beirut’s explosion struck, we stayed with many families who suffered injuries from the explosion. We work alongside the local residents and deploy our unique volunteer model to enable a direct impact helping families in our Christian community recover by donating school fees, food and advice to help our people. The community we serve is not only vulnerable in terms of natural disasters, but also financially. Thanks to passionate volunteers, donors and partners, we’ve provided nearly two years of support to over 120 families and we also have active programs to help kids develop sports activities around the country

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Potential Anti-Christian Events in the Middle East – 2020.7.14

2020.7.14 Potential Anti-Christian events in the Middle East

Dear brothers and sisters knights and dames of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem,

Two recent attacks on Christianity by governments in the Middle East have come to our attention. First, the statement by the President of the Republic of Turkey to allow the most holy Christian site of the ancient Hagia Sofia (officially the Great Mosque of Ayasofya) to be reconverted to religious use as a Mosque. This imposing edifice, completed in 537 AD under the Emperor Justinian I in the center of the Turkish capitol of Istanbul/Constantinople, was converted to a museum by Kemal Ataturk in 1936, in order to preserve its importance to Christian and Muslim worshippers. Opening the Hagia Sophia as a Mosque, even though open to visitors of all faith, places a chill on the practice of Christianity and may portend further limitations on Christian sites in Turkey. We strongly oppose making this simple of Christianity into a sole religious site for the Muslim religion.

Further, developments in Jerusalem around the Jaffa Gate, based on a court decision, have the potential to obstruct the Christian pilgrim route and weaken the Christian presence in Jerusalem. As with the cased of the Hagia Sofia, this court decision not only affects the Greek Orthodox Church which claims ownership of the gate and its surrounding structures, but it may also disturb peaceful nature coexistence among the multiple Christian and Muslim communities in Israel. OSMTJ strongly supports the attached joint plea of the several Christian Patriarchs resident in Jerusalem.

Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier, Regent, OSMTJ 


Joint Statement from the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

We, the Heads of the Churches […]

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Welcome Philippe, Grand Prior of Lebanon!

The OSMTJ is especially proud to announce the promotion of Philippe Ghostine Matta, to Grand Prior of Lebanon!

Philippe was born in Beirut on January 21st, 1966, and graduated in Business Administration at the American University of Beirut. He’s married with two daughters and one son. Professionally, Philippe is chairman of Mabco Trading & Contracting in Lebanon and Rigotherm Pipes and Fittings in Lebanon and Brazil.

Philippe holds 12 diplomas in teaching tennis, Clinician/Tester at the Modern Tennis Methodology, also a USPTA and PTR professional. All three are American Associations, and a.+ GPTCA B level coach. He organizes many Tennis Workshops.

Philippe is finds his greatest joy in teaching others and being a professor and a mentor to so many.

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New Grand Prior of Italy!

New Grand Prior of Italy Appointed!

Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani

The Regent of the OSMTJ, Dr. Nicolas Hastier, has appointed our incredible Brother Marco Ponzalino, to be the Grand Prior of Italy!

Marco Ponzalino well deserves this accolade as he has had a distinguished career and for so many years, has been a Templar committed to our vows of Knighthood of defending those who can’t defend themselves. Regent Dr. Hastier wrote, “I am so pleased to announce the formation of The Grand Priory of Italy, under the most intelligent Grand Prior Marco Ponzalino!”

You can learn more about our Christian Brother from his page here: https://www.facebook.com/marco.ponzalinoPlease help us congratulate our Brother and share this post on your page!

————————- Italiano ———————-

Il Reggente dell’OSMTJ, Dr. Nicolas Hastier, ha nominato il nostro incredibile Fratello Marco Ponzalino Gran Priore d’Italia!Marco Ponzalino merita questo riconoscimento perché ha avuto una carriera illustre e per tanti anni è stato un Templare impegnato nei nostri voti di Cavalierato di difendere coloro che non possono difendersi. Il Reggente Dr. Hastier ha scritto: “Sono così lieto di annunciare la formazione del Gran Priorato d’Italia, sotto il più intelligente Gran Priore Marco Ponzalino!”Puoi saperne di più sul nostro fratello cristiano dalla sua pagina qui: https://www.facebook.com/marco.ponzalinoPer favore aiutaci a congratularci con nostro fratello e condividi questo post sulla tua pagina!

                         ———————– Español ———————–

¡El Regente de la OSMTJ, Dr. Nicolas Hastier, ha designado a nuestro increíble Hermano Marco Ponzalino, para ser el Gran Prior de Italia!Marco Ponzalino bien merece este galardón ya que ha tenido una carrera distinguida y durante tantos años ha sido un Templario comprometido con nuestros votos de Caballería de defender a aquellos que no pueden defenderse […]

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Welcome Back Domizio Cipriani!

Grand Prior Domizio Cipriani (center) & former Italian GP, Marco Ponzalino, who is a Mason (left)

Welcome Back Domizio Cipriani!

This blessed day, the 9th of January, we warmly and proudly welcome back our honored brother Grand Prior Domizio Cipriani as the Grand Prior of Monaco!

Domizio is an accomplished and award winning Author, Speaker, and Expert on the history of the Order of the Temple.

Domizio has played a fundamental role in establishing the Knights Templar in Monaco and will continue to make his mark.

The honorable Grand Prior of Monaco, Domizio Cipriani


In questo giorno benedetto, il 9 gennaio, diamo un caloroso benvenuto all’orgoglio di nuovo nostro premiato fratello Priore Domizio Cipriani come Gran Priore di Monaco!

Domizio è un autore, oratore ed esperto pluripremiato e premiato sulla storia dell’Ordine del Tempio. Domizio ha svolto un ruolo fondamentale nella fondazione dei Cavalieri Templari a Monaco e continuerà a lasciare il segno.

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Zoran Returns

Zoran Vojnić Tunić Returns!

The honorable Zoran Vojnić Tunić Returns as Grand Prior of Croatia

The man with more leadership skills and more qualified to be the Grand Prior of Croatia has returned by popular demand to take his rightful place.

“I was very pleased to attend the Templar conclave in Zagreb. I am also pleased to welcome you back as the Grand Prior of Croatia. Attached is our certificate confirming your position. I look forward to working with you in the future to build the strength of our noble Order.In fraternal bonds,”

United States Army (Retired)

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OSMTJ’s Successful Meeting in Zagreb

In June, the OSMTJ held a successful and productive Meeting in the Capital, Zagreb, Croatia. Many important topics were discussed including:

Groundbreaking agreements between the OSMTJ & OSMTHUThe future of the OrderThe Magisterial CouncilThe StatutesOur mission and values.

Please enjoy pictures from the OSMTJ annual meeting below:

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Protected: Groundbreaking agreement signed between OSMTJ & OSMTHU

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Michel Vanderstock Rejected

The man who pretended to be the leader of the OSMTJ, Michel Vanderstock, had bad news on June 1st 2018 as those that knew him best in his home country of Belgium, the Grand Priory of Belgium, voted to leave him (See attached declaration below). Turns out that Michel Vanderstock was a fake.

When reached for comment, the Grand Priory of Belgium said that Michel Vanderstock had been:

Mixing the Order’s funds into his own personal checking out account to fund his lifestyle.Acting in a way unbecoming of a Templar Leader.Being morally unfit to continue his role in Templar Leadership.

Grand Priory of Belgium leaves Michel Vanderstock

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