Mutual Recognition and Friendship Agreement

The following documents are a historic Accord of Friendship between the OSMTJ International and The OSMTJ 1804 based in Italy.  With this Accord, the OSMTJ may is now linked to the largest group of Knights Templar worldwide. 

 While there still exist many small Templar groups, by working together, the Templars can accomplish more while promoting the eventual goal of unity. 

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What is the OSMTJ?

The Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem (OSMTJ) is an autonomous international ecumenical Christian Order organized and operated under the Swiss Civil Code for Associations (Verein). The Order traces its heritage to the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, founded in Jerusalem circa 1118 A.D. and it supports many of the ideals embodied in the devotion and sacrifice of the knights of the original Order.  The present-day Order is self-governing, subject to no higher authority than obedience and devotion to Christian chivalric ideals and teachings of Jesus Christ, and to the promulgation and spread of those ideas and teachings throughout the world. The Order draws its power to govern from the consent of its members, its Christian strength from its religious patrons, and its chivalric authority from its royal patrons.

Its legal purposes include:

­­­­­­            a.  To provide an opportunity for the practice of ecumenical Christianity to support the precepts of Christian Chivalry and to investigate and emulate the historical ideals of the ancient Order.

            b.  To encourage and promote Christian humanitarian work and charity generally, and especially in support of oppressed Christian peoples in the Middle East.

            c.  To encourage all that makes for the spiritual and moral strengthening of humankind in accordance with the first great principle of the Order embodied in its motto: “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory.”

The Order is not organized to make a profit and no part of its net earnings Order inure to the benefit of any private individual. The Order is a fellowship of Christian men and women formed to plant and nurture Commanderies, Priories, and Grand Priories throughout the world to bring the words and works of […]

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House of Bagrationi of imereti

House of Bagrationi of imereti 26 January 2021 

Dear Ronald, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! I wish success and development to you and the Order in this New year.Best regards, your Prince Irakli Bagrationi.

ძვირფასო რონალდ,გილოცავთ ახალ წელს და გილოცავთ შობას!წარმატებებს და განვითარებას ვუსურვებ თქვენ და ორდენს ახალ წელს.პატივისცემით, თქვენი თავადი ირაკლი ბაგრატიონი.

dzvirpaso ronald,gilotsavt akhal ts’els da gilotsavt shobas!ts’armat’ebebs da ganvitarebas vusurveb tkven da ordens akhal ts’els.p’at’ivistsemit, tkveni tavadi irak’li bagrat’ioni.

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From GM Ronald Mangum

Oblation Payments:

Brothers and sisters of our noble Order. According Section VII of the Rules, Grand Priories are required to transfer to the Grand Treasurer of the Order, every year no later than December 27th (day of St. John the Evangelist), dues, oblations and donations for each member of their Grand Priory.  Because this is the first year that dues have been collected since 1998, I have set the amount to be paid for each member at USD $10. Payment shall be transferred to the bank account described below.

This process is somewhat backwards from normal financial management. Usually a budget for the year is developed and dues are set to cover budgeted expense. Again, because this is a new procedure for OSMTJ, we will see what funds we collect, and a budget will be prepared for future years. Each year by the 18th of March, the Grand Treasurer will prepare a financial report (in writing, with attachments of statements and financial documents) about income and expenses for the prior year.

Payment may be made by any appropriate means including wire transfer, PayPal (ID:, Western Union (+1-813-469-3403), or similar pay system.

Pagos de Oblación:

Hermanos y hermanas de nuestra noble Orden. De acuerdo con la Sección VII del Reglamento, los Grandes Priories están obligados a transferir al Gran Tesorero de la Orden, cada año a más tardar el 27 de diciembre (día de San Juan Evangelista),,  cuotas, oblaciones y donaciones para cada miembro de su Gran Prioria. Debido a que este es el primer año que las cuotas se han cobrado desde 1998, he establecido la cantidad a pagar por cada miembro en USD $10. El pago se transferirá a la cuenta bancaria que se describe a continuación.

Este […]

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Lebanon Aid

We, in the OSMTJ Grand Priory of Lebanon, are helping Christian families in need especially in these difficult times and that our country is facing.

When the Beirut’s explosion struck, we stayed with many families who suffered injuries from the explosion. We work alongside the local residents and deploy our unique volunteer model to enable a direct impact helping families in our Christian community recover by donating school fees, food and advice to help our people. The community we serve is not only vulnerable in terms of natural disasters, but also financially. Thanks to passionate volunteers, donors and partners, we’ve provided nearly two years of support to over 120 families and we also have active programs to help kids develop sports activities around the country

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2020.8.180 New Member Numbers

Dear Grand Priors and National Entity Chiefs:

Under the protection of our Lord Jesus Christ, our noble Order continues to grow and prosper and that requires maintaining organized procedures. We will re-institute a procedure that was followed up until the Fontes era – individual membership numbers that are held in a central registry. Under Fontes, when a member joined the Order, he/she was issued a number which was listed on the registry held by Fontes in Portugal. Every member had his/her unique number and could, upon request, receive a membership certificate with that number – the number proved that one had been accepted/invested as a member of the Templar Order.

I want to re-institute that procedure with some modifications. Each Grand Priory/National Entity will issue membership numbers to its knights and dames. The sequence of numbering will be up to the decision of each Grand Prior, but each number will begin with the initials OSMTJ followed by the internationally recognized two-digit country code for each nation, e.g. US for the United States, ES for Spain, GE for Georgia, etc., followed by the number issued by the Grand Priory. For example, a knight member of the Grand Priory of France would be assigned the number OSMTJ FR 156.  An individual knight or dame may only prove their membership in the Order by referring to their membership number – no number = no recognition as a member of OSMTJ.

The numbering procedure should be started immediately in each Grand Priory and should be completed by the end of 2020. Only by an individual member request, they may receive by email a certificate with their name, rank and number from their Grand Prior. Each Grand Prior is required to send […]

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Potential Anti-Christian Events in the Middle East – 2020.7.14

2020.7.14 Potential Anti-Christian events in the Middle East

Dear brothers and sisters knights and dames of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem,

Two recent attacks on Christianity by governments in the Middle East have come to our attention. First, the statement by the President of the Republic of Turkey to allow the most holy Christian site of the ancient Hagia Sofia (officially the Great Mosque of Ayasofya) to be reconverted to religious use as a Mosque. This imposing edifice, completed in 537 AD under the Emperor Justinian I in the center of the Turkish capitol of Istanbul/Constantinople, was converted to a museum by Kemal Ataturk in 1936, in order to preserve its importance to Christian and Muslim worshippers. Opening the Hagia Sophia as a Mosque, even though open to visitors of all faith, places a chill on the practice of Christianity and may portend further limitations on Christian sites in Turkey. We strongly oppose making this simple of Christianity into a sole religious site for the Muslim religion.

Further, developments in Jerusalem around the Jaffa Gate, based on a court decision, have the potential to obstruct the Christian pilgrim route and weaken the Christian presence in Jerusalem. As with the cased of the Hagia Sofia, this court decision not only affects the Greek Orthodox Church which claims ownership of the gate and its surrounding structures, but it may also disturb peaceful nature coexistence among the multiple Christian and Muslim communities in Israel. OSMTJ strongly supports the attached joint plea of the several Christian Patriarchs resident in Jerusalem.

General Ronald S. Mangum, Master, OSMTJ 


Joint Statement from the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

We, the Heads of the Churches […]

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Communique from GM Ronald Mangum – 7.5.2020

Often, we think of Science and Religion as separate and competing concepts. Below is an excerpt of an interview with the chief U.S. scientist who is dealing with the current coronavirus crisis. He is a practicing Christian who clearly justifies his belief in GOD.

Ron Mangum, Master

Excerpt from an interview with U.S. National Institutes of Health director Dr.Francis Collins on the Corona Virus and Belief in GOD

Jebediah Reed, @jebediahreed, published in “The Intelligencer” on 1 July 2020

As someone who is both an acclaimed scientist and a public Christian, what’s your perspective on the pandemic as a cultural issue? Do you see any clear way around that?It’s one of the great tragedies of this current moment that scientifically based public-health measures have somehow been captured as cultural or political phenomena. Your chance of spreading the coronavirus to a vulnerable person has nothing to do with what culture you come from or what political party you belong to. Your responsibility is to try to prevent that from happening to vulnerable people around you. But our country’s polarization is so extreme that it even seems to extend into a place like this — where it absolutely doesn’t belong. That is really troubling because it’s putting people at risk who shouldn’t be.

On a happier note, what was it like to recently win the Templeton Prize, the prestigious annual award recognizing individuals for their efforts to bridge the gap between science and faith? That must have been a nice surprise.It was stunning to get that phone call and to look at the list of previous winners and try to imagine how this could possibly have happened — the first prize winner being Mother Teresa, and other prize winners along the […]

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Communique from GM Ronald Mangum – 6.25.2020

2020.June.25 Forward Look

Dear Noble Grand Priors,

One of your compatriots asked about my plans for the growth of our Order and I thought that it is a good time to update my current and future priorities. We continue to grow; now we can count 36 national entities in the Order. As you know, our Grand Secretary General is in the process of conducting a census of our members so that we know how many members we have and where they are located. When we find “holes” where we have few members, we can develop strategies to increase membership in those areas. I am foremost concerned that we attract quality members who will actively promote our aims and not just increase the quantity of members. By encouraging each Grand Prior to conduct visible humanitarian activities we will  increase the prestige of the Order and therefore increase our membership. This will take time, but it is necessary to sustain a permanent growth.

In addition to conducting our “census” of members, I am putting better business practises in place. We need to begin collecting funds at the international level to handle expenses and to plan for further expansion. I do not see that we need much money, but right now everything is done from our own pockets. I am looking for a Grand Treasurer and will open a banking connection for the Order so that money can be transferred electronically.

Our Grand Almoner is currently collecting information on the humanitarian and charitable activities of each Grand Priory. It is important to capture this information so that we can inform the public, government agencies and religious groups of our activities to increase our visibility and recognition in social circles.We also need […]

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Communique from GM Ronald Mangum – 6.18.2020

Dear noble Grand Priors,

I wish you all health and prosperity in these troubled times. I am sorry for my recent silence; I have had minor eye surgery that has hampered my activity – but that will pass. I have two items to address to you.

First we are up to thirty-two national entities in the OSMTJ (I use ‘national entities’ because not all have achieved the required numbers to legally be called Grand Priories), but we must continue to grow and organize the Order. We need quality members more than quantity. In order to further strengthen our Order, I have asked our Grand Secretary General Dr. Daithi O’Braian to collect from each of you a census of our membership. This is important so that we know who and where we are and where we might be able to help recruiting quality new members. I have also asked our Grand Almoner Slobodan Traparic, to collect information on the humanitarian and charitable activities of your Grand Priories. This is also important information for us to be recognized as substantial player on the international scene and to be taken seriously as we demonstrate our activities. Please respond to these requests promptly. 

Second, I hope that we will have our first international conclave in Norway this coming August, even if some or all of it is conducted digitally. It is important that we meet and share our brotherhood, even at a distance. My intent has been to use that conclave to address the issue of oblations or donations. To date, all activities have been sustained out of pocket, but as we grow we must have some operating funds to continue our humanitarian aid and activities. Because of the current pandemic […]

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Welcome Philippe, Grand Prior of Lebanon!

The OSMTJ is especially proud to announce the promotion of Philippe Ghostine Matta, to Grand Prior of Lebanon!

Philippe was born in Beirut on January 21st, 1966, and graduated in Business Administration at the American University of Beirut. He’s married with two daughters and one son. Professionally, Philippe is chairman of Mabco Trading & Contracting in Lebanon and Rigotherm Pipes and Fittings in Lebanon and Brazil.

Philippe holds 12 diplomas in teaching tennis, Clinician/Tester at the Modern Tennis Methodology, also a USPTA and PTR professional. All three are American Associations, and a.+ GPTCA B level coach. He organizes many Tennis Workshops.

Philippe is finds his greatest joy in teaching others and being a professor and a mentor to so many.

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A Return to Christ

Previously the OSMTJ Knights Templar were being turned into a “secular” order for reasons of “Religious Pluralism,” and all of those tired “Politically Correct,” new-age mantras that seek to abandon our Judeo-Christian heritage by a weak leader (the Regent) ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

January 2nd, 2020, that nonsense was stopped dead in it’s tracks by the election of Master Ronald Mangum who’s first decree was that we were once again a CHRISTIAN Order!

All Glory to God!

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New Grand Prior of Italy!

New Grand Prior of Italy Appointed!

Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani

The Master of the OSMTJ, General Ronald Mangum, has appointed our incredible Brother Edgardo Marziani, to be the new Grand Prior of Italy! 

Edgardo well deserves this accolade as he has had a distinguished career and for so many years, has been a Templar committed to our vows of Knighthood of defending those who can’t defend themselves. Master Ronald Mangum wrote, “I am so pleased to announce the formation of The Grand Priory of Italy,under the intelligent and Godly Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani!”

You can learn more about our Christian Brother from his page here: Please help us congratulate our Brother and share this post on your page!

Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani

Traducción Española

¡El Maestro de la OSMTJ, General Ronald Mangum, ha nombrado a nuestro increíble Hermano Edgardo Marziani, para ser el nuevo Gran Prior de Italia!

Edgardo bien merece este reconocimiento, ya que ha tenido una carrera distinguida y durante tantos años, ha sido un templario comprometido con nuestros votos de Caballería de defender a aquellos que no pueden defenderse. El Maestro Ronald Mangum escribió: “Estoy muy contento de anunciar la formación del Gran Priorato de Italia, ¡bajo el inteligente y piadoso Gran Prior Edgardo Marziani!

Puede obtener más información sobre nuestro Hermano cristiano en su página aquí: ¡Por favor ayúdenos a felicitar a nuestro Hermano y comparta esta publicación en su página!

Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani

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Two New Grand Priories!


Dear Templar Brothers and Sisters ,

As we continue to grow, I am pleased to announce two more new Grand Priories: 1) The Grand Priory of Monaco, under Grand Prior Dominizio Cipriani

2) The Grand Priory of Italy, under Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani.

We will continue to announce our activities. We are a transparent organization without secrets. Anytime that you have a question or suggestion you may contact me directly at (confidential) or and I will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support,

Ronald Mangum,

OSMTJ, Master

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Recognition & Encouragement from Grand Master Albino Neves

Dear Templar Brothers and Sisters, I have promised to establish bridges to the Other Templar obediences, and I have just received the following message from Brother Dom Albino Neves, the Master of the OSMTHMM. I look forward to working with Dom Albino to make our Order stronger.Ronald S. Mangum, Master, OSMTJ

———————– From Grand Master Albino Neves ———————–

“Dear Brother Master of OSMTHJ Brigadier General Ronald Mangum,

I recently learned from members of our Council about the attacks suffered by you our noble Brother, incoherently and inconsistently made by people who do not deserve credibility, since their works are insignificant and do not represent a fraction of the works carried out and developed by Brother Ronald throughout his professional and military life and as a Knight of the Order of the Temple.

We at OSMTH Magnum Magisterium hereby present our solidarity with Brother Mangum, who has long kept side by side in the ranks of the Temple. We believe that man is not what he claims to be but is known by the works he performs. It is common for mediocre men to criticize the works of others, as this is their way of making themselves appear greater. In Brazil it is said that “dogs bark and the caravan passes” and I can assure you that we have found this to be true over time. As the First non-European OSMTH Magnum Magisterium Grand Master in 900 years, I felt the first moments the dissatisfaction of some even before the death of Grand Master Dom Fernando de Sousa Fontes (in memoriam), who were already cheating, showing infidelity and lack of character and that, even without having works to be presented they thought it was their right […]

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Welcome Back Domizio Cipriani!

Grand Prior Domizio Cipriani (center) & former Italian GP, Marco Ponzalino, who is a Mason (left)

Welcome Back Domizio Cipriani!

This blessed day, the 9th of January, we warmly and proudly welcome back our honored brother Grand Prior Domizio Cipriani as the Grand Prior of Monaco!

Domizio is an accomplished and award winning Author, Speaker, and Expert on the history of the Order of the Temple.

Domizio has played a fundamental role in establishing the Knights Templar in Monaco and will continue to make his mark.

The honorable Grand Prior of Monaco, Domizio Cipriani


In questo giorno benedetto, il 9 gennaio, diamo un caloroso benvenuto all’orgoglio di nuovo nostro premiato fratello Priore Domizio Cipriani come Gran Priore di Monaco!

Domizio è un autore, oratore ed esperto pluripremiato e premiato sulla storia dell’Ordine del Tempio. Domizio ha svolto un ruolo fondamentale nella fondazione dei Cavalieri Templari a Monaco e continuerà a lasciare il segno.

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New Magistral Council

Magistral Council Announced!

January 4th, 2020, Chicago – The new Magistral Council of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire Du Temple de Jérusalem (OSMTJ), has been named by his Supreme Excellency, Master of the Order, General Mangum:

Grand Chancellor: H.E. Bryant Jones, Grand Prior of the USA,Grand Seneschal: H.E. Jean-louis Lams – Grand Prior of BelgiumGrand Commander: H.E. Keven Ellis – Grand Prior of CanadaGrand Marshall: H.E. Elisabeth Steen – Grand Prior of NorwayGrand Secretary General Emeritus: H.E. Daithi O’Briain – Grand Prior of IrelandGrand Almoner: H.E. Slobodan Traparic – Grand Prior of SerbiaGrand Historian: H.E. Jeong Gustavo – Grand Prior of Argentina. . Grand Chaplain – H.E. Caesar Johnson – Grand Seneschal USA

These appointments and promotions were just the first wave made by S.E., General Ronald Mangum, Master of the Order. The future will hold a second wave of promotions at his discretion. Leaders reacted with elation at this new Council that more fairly represented the world than the previous one.

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Congratulations To Newly Elected Master of the OSMTJ Gen. Ron Mangum!

Congratulations To Gen. Ron Mangum, newly elected Master of the OSMTJ!

Respected Grand Priors,

I have the great honor to announce that Grand Prior of Austria, General Ronald Mangum, has received the 13 out of 24 Grand Prior Majority needed to win this election and become our first Master of the Order in about 22 years!

You may continue to send in your votes if you want to vote in the majority or minority to:

May God bless you and keep you,T. Bryant JonesGrand PriorOSMTJ-USA

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Master of the Order Election!

These are exciting times for the OSMTJ Order! Finally the election of a Master has come. Cast your vote today by reading the instructions here:

From ancient times, the Templars have the right to choose their own Master by the votes of the majority.

A Majority of the most senior Grand Priors have called for this election legitimizing our right to finally choose our own Master of the Order.

By its very definition, a “Regent” is the temporary leader of the OSMTJ until a Master of the Order can be elected. The current OSMTJ Rules requires a Regent to hold an election to select a new master within 6 months after a master leaves office. Nicolas has held the position of Regent for about 22 years and has never taken a step to select a Master of the Order. We are the only branch of Templarism that does not have a master. Consequently the senior Grand Priors of the Order are taking this action to select a Master for the Order.

Every Grand Prior has the right to be a candidate for Master by emailing:

Every Grand Prior may vote for the candidate of their choice by emailing:

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OSMTJ’s Successful Meeting in Zagreb

In June, the OSMTJ held a successful and productive Meeting in the Capital, Zagreb, Croatia. Many important topics were discussed including:

Groundbreaking agreements between the OSMTJ & OSMTHUThe future of the OrderThe Magisterial CouncilThe StatutesOur mission and values.

Please enjoy pictures from the OSMTJ annual meeting below:

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Protected: Groundbreaking agreement signed between OSMTJ & OSMTHU

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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USA Grand Priory Buys Headquarters

In an exciting move, the OSMTJ-USA Grand Priory has purchased a castle-like church in Canaan, Connecticut, to be their National Headquarters. Click the link below to read the article from The San Francisco Chronicle:


Knights Templar purchase Christ Episcopal Church in CanaanBY RUTH EPSTEIN Republican-AmericanJune 28, 20191The former Christ Church Episcopal on Main Street in Canaan has been sold and will become Castle Church Canaan. Ruth Epstein Republican-American The former Christ Church Episcopal on Main Street in Canaan has been sold and will become Castle Church Canaan. Ruth Epstein/Republican-AmericanCANAAN — Christ Episcopal Church has been sold.

The stately stone building and its adjacent bell tower, which have sat prominently

on a rise on Main Street since 1846, once again will be home to a religious order.

Castle Church Canaan purchased the property this week as its national headquarters. According to the land transfer at the town clerk’s office, the price was $100,000. The sale went from the Episcopal Church to the Mission Society of Connecticut to the Knights Templar.

The church has stood vacant since 2012, when it closed due to declining membership. Many congregants who had attended the church for years — some whose families went back generations — were saddened by the move.

Tears flowed at the final Sunday service on Sept. 10, 2012, when Connecticut Episcopal Bishop Laura Ahrens delivered the final sermon.

Bryant Jones, the national leader of the Knights of Templar, said it is a national group that is ecumenical, meaning open to all denominations of Christians.

The members have been searching for a headquarters, and because most of them are from the New York-New England area, Canaan was the perfect choice, he said. They also were enticed by the building’s history.

It […]

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Michel Vanderstock Rejected

The man who pretended to be the leader of the OSMTJ, Michel Vanderstock, had bad news on June 1st 2018 as those that knew him best in his home country of Belgium, the Grand Priory of Belgium, voted to leave him (See attached declaration below). Turns out that Michel Vanderstock was a fake.

When reached for comment, the Grand Priory of Belgium said that Michel Vanderstock had been:

Mixing the Order’s funds into his own personal checking out account to fund his lifestyle.Acting in a way unbecoming of a Templar Leader.Being morally unfit to continue his role in Templar Leadership.

Grand Priory of Belgium leaves Michel Vanderstock

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