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The Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem (OSMTJ) is always looking for new applicants who seek to better themselves on their way to Knighthood. We are uplifted by increasing the brotherhood of fellowship and believe there is strength in numbers.  Membership in our Order is granted within a fast and simple process.  Start your process please by emailing the Secretary and replace the “(at)” with the “@” symbol:

Email: Info(at)

If you are an individual wanting to join the Knights Templar, please click here on our “Grand Priory Contacts” page: Contacts.  From there, please find the Grand Priory closest to your location and use the contact information.  If you find no Grand Priory in your country but would like to start one, please contact:the Secretary at the email address above.

Advantages of joining the OSMTJ include:  If you represent a group like a “Grand Priory” or “Priory,” please look at our current list of countries represented and if your country is available. If there is already a Grand Priory in your country, contact them for the possibility of joining them.  Grand Priories contain multiple Priories, and most would welcome expanding to include you.

I. Easier to find you:  When you search in Google for “Knights Templar,” it’s easy to find one of our many sites that lead back to our Main Page:  The homepage is a directory to all our Grand Priories with your nations seal that links straight to your website.  With this huge network of sites all leading back to the main directory, page, many people will find your Grand Priory.

II. Family: You are adopted into a large family of Brothers and Sisters for fellowship and networking.

III. Legitimacy:  We can trace our succession of Grand Masters back to the Duke of Orleans in 1705.

IV.  Mission:  We are on a mission to change the world for the better.  History has demonstrated that an organized group of people, united in common cause, is able to affect world events for good.

V. Freedom: Unlike many Orders, the OSMTJ allows your Grand Priory freedom and independence to choose your leaders and mission.

VI. Growth:  Being listed on the OSMTJ website will help people find your Grand Priory which helps you grow.  We are one of the fastest growing Orders in the world today because people recognize the OSMTJ is here for the right reason; to make a difference in this world for good.

VII. Low Cost: We are not out to make money, we have honorable and noble intentions and a more important mission in this world.

VIII. Strength in Numbers:  Your Grand Priory gains more legitimacy by being part of a larger order.

IX.  Events: You’ll have the opportunity to attend large Templar celebrations if you choose to come.   Attendance is not required but we have an annual “International Grand Convent” full of fellowship, fun, networking, and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.  When you have your Templar events and celebrations, you will have the option to invite a large group of Brothers and Sisters to join you.

X.  Assistance: We are here to help you and assist you if you need help with anything from building a website to advice on any topic. Many of us have been running Grand Priories for years. Please ask us for help.

XI.  Charity: You will see many different charities that our Grand Priories raise money for.  We exist to serve and our members tend to be those that volunteer for many worthy causes from ending child trafficking, to raising money to serve children with special needs.   

XII. Rich History: 99% of Neo-Templar Orders have very little history because they have been created in the last 20 years with no legitimate succession.  We have a rich and interesting history filled with Templar legends that have gone before us that we can trace back  back to the Duke of Orleans in 1705.