Knights Templar Links – Templar documents from ancient times until today.  The best place to go to research our modern history. This page was created by our own very dedicated Commander Daniel Clausen.– One of our favorite and most trusted sites for Templar Research.   The “Vault” is built and maintained by Templar Author A.A. Grishin.  He’s authored many books including The Knights Templar Absolution – Templar Banner, the news outlet of the Knights Templar of America, OSMTJ. Mark Malcolm is the current Editor-In-Chief. – Created by the prolific Templar Author Stephen Dafoe, this site is jam-packed with information on Templar History.  Keep in mind, our Order, the OSMTJ, is non-Masonic while this particular site is somewhat oriented towards the Masonic because Stephen Dafoe is a Mason.  However, there is a also a lot here for us non-Masonic Templars so it’s still highly recommended. – Author Tony McMahon‘s Site has a lot of interesting and obscure Templar facts. Tony works hard to find a plethora of Templar related topics to bring to his site to keep it fresh.

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