The Chinon Parchment Found the Knights Templar Innocent of HeresyChinon

The Pope wrote in the above Chinon Parchment: “We hereby decree that they are absolved by the church and may again receive Christian sacraments.” Signor Forgione said that the Pope had failed to make this absolution public because the scandal of the Templars had aroused extreme passions and he feared a church schism. Philip IV had de Molay and other Templar leaders put to death before the Pope’s verdict could be published, and it was subsequently lost.

• 700 years later: “The Roman Catholic Church graciously acknowledged that the Knights Templar were innocent (Vatican Information Service, 25th Oct 2007). The news was reported in the press exactly seven days before the 700th anniversary of the persecution of the Order. The persecution of the Templars began on Friday, 13 October 1307, when the medieval organisation was unjustly attacked and driven underground.”

Below is the title page of the Bulletin of our “Order Du Temple” from 1837 kept at the National Archives in Paris

1837 Du Temple


 Below is the title page from our Statues revised by Grand Master Zdrojewski in 1967.




The next 7 pages below are the title pages for the Statutes created in 1705 by Grand Master Phillippe, the Duke of Orleans, that were reprinted in 1804 by Grand Master Dr. Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat.

Palaprat #1

Palaprat 1


Palaprat #2


Palaprat 2


Palaprat #3


palaprat 3


Palaprat #4


palaprat 4


Palaprat #5


palaprat 5


Palaprat #6


palaprat 6


Palaprat #7


palaprat 7

Below is the title page for the book written by  Joséphin Péladan who was the Regent of our Order from  1892-1894


Paledons book cover


Below is the title page of the Bulletin of our “L’Order Du Temple” from 1837 kept at the National Archives in Paris.


documentazioni 1


Below is a copy of the deed recording of our Order made ​​in Namur, Belgium, on November 15, 1975.


documentazioni 3


Below is a Copy of the deed recording of our Order made ​​in Brussels, Belgium on January 19, 1932 (reg. Saint Gilles the next day)


documentazioni 2


Below is a document written by Grand Master Antoine Zdrojewski in 1986 (French General formerly of the Polish Resistance, decorated by General Charles De Gaulle) designating his Seneschal George Lamirand to succeed him as the next Regent of our Order.

Charter from Zdrojewski to Lamirand no Pentagram