OSMTJ Imitators

With any real Knightly Order comes the counterfeits and the OSMTJ (Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem) is no exception.  You can see from our history page and documents that we were the first OSMTJ Knights Templar Order and continue to be the only legitimate OSMTJ.   General Antoine Zdrojewski’s election as the Grand Master in September 1970 was the first time our Order was referred to as the “OSMTJ.”

Regent Dr. Nicolas Hastier (left) meeting with Grand Chancellor General Ronald Mangum (right) Feb. ’18

Just a reminder that the leaders of the International OSMTJ we recognize appear in the picture above and are as follows from left to Right: Regent Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier(left) meeting with the Grand Chancellor General Ronald Mangum (right) in Februarey of 2018. We recognize and answer only to them and not to any pretenders.

– On November 15th, 2015, the Executive Board of the OSMTJ-USA voted unanimously to stand behind my decision to have us resign from Michel Van Der Stock’s group and recognize only Dr. Nicolas Hastier as our leader if I decided it was in the best interests of our Grand Priory. I decided to do exactly that based on the reasons you’ll read below.

– On November 27th we announced publicly, in all our Channels, that the OSMTJ-USA officially recognizes only Grand Chancellor General Ronald Mangum and his superior Regent Haimovici, as our leaders.

– On November 29th, 2015, in Scotland, I officially notified Michel Van Der Stock’s representative, Belgium’s Commander Eddy van Landeghem, that we were no longer part of their Order and only recognized Regent Nicolas Hastier, as the legitimate leaders of the OSMTJ.

How, you may wonder, is there two separate OSMTJ Orders? When the previous Grand Master, Georges Lamirand, died on February 5th, 1994, he left two leaders in power, the Grand Commander Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier, and the Chancellor Michel Van Der Stock. These two leaders stayed together for 3 more years and then disagreed over who would be the Grand Prior of Italy. On September 29th, 1997, with Decree number 67.8, Regent Haimovici expelled Chancellor Van Der Stock from the OSMTJ order. If your browser can translate it, feel free to read more of the history that led to this split here under the title, “Gruppo Bagni”: http://www.osmth.it/storia.html

Where does our legitimacy come from? The legitimacy of the OSMTJ-USA comes from the recognition of our Regent Dr. Nicolas Hastier.

Why then did we choose to resign from Van Der Stock’s group and join Regent Haimovici’s OSMTJ? Because of history, rules implemented that would have made it impossible for us to continue with Van Der Stock, and many other reasons:

1) History – Because as Grand Commander, Regent Haimovici had the authority to expel Van Der Stock and he did so as noted above on September 29th, 1997. Only Haimovici, with the power assigned to the Grand Commander, has the authority to run and certify a new election, and therefore would be the acting Regent (caretaker) of the Order until a Grand Master was elected. Regent Haimovici has never certified any election and therefore he remains the legitimate Regent and leader of the OSMTJ.

2) Impossible Rules – Van Der stock implemented rules that would force all of you to pay a dowry of 1,000 Euros to him to become Knights and that you’d have to travel to Belgium to be Knighted. This is not in keeping with the spirit of our ancestors, the “Poor Knights of Christ,” to put Knighthood up for sale for reasons of greed.  We believe that setting membership rules that allow only the wealthy to become members is the antithesis of what our Lord taught. Rules like this would refuse membership to any of the Apostles, as they were not men of wealth, and would turn away a poor carpenter, Jesus Christ himself! You can understand that if we tried to charge all of you 1,000 Euros to be a Knight and made you fly to Belgium, we’d lose 99% of our membership and this U.S. Grand Priory would cease to exist as we know it today.

3) Circumstances: Late into the night on Friday, Nov. 27th, 2015, at the OSMTJ Scottish Conclave, Michel Van Der Stock’s designated Representative, Belgium’s Commander Eddy van Landeghem, got drunk and proceeded to demand our female Grand Secretary join him as the only female in a private hotel room with other men who were also drinking alcohol. She had never before that day met any of these men face to face. This was inappropriate and she felt very uncomfortable caught in this situation. Then, Eddy demanded that she call both our Turcopolier and myself down to the room where he proceeded to drunkenly yell for nonsensical reasons (declaring that I was at fault that England’s leader had not come to a previous Conclave even though he had been seriously ill at the time and notification had been given.) Eddy van Landeghem acted in a way unbecoming of a Knight Templar and our Grand Priory wishes to never have any association with leaders like this.


This certification purports to elevate Michel Van Der Stock to the position of “Seneschal” and “Grand Chancellor.” We strongly believe that this document, created by Michel Van Der Stock, to be a forgery

4) Michel Van Der Stock’s Forgery: Please examine the Certification above that purports to elevate Michel Van Der Stock to the position of “Seneschal” and “Grand Chancellor.”  We strongly believe that this document, created by Michel Van Der Stock, to be a forgery.  Both history and Van Der Stock’s own records indicate that he was only appointed the “Chancellor” of the Order by the former Grand Master Lamirand. However, in an attempt to bolster his claim over Regent Haimovici, notice how Van Der Stock added the words, “Seneschal” inserted together with “Grand Chancellor.” This is a sloppy forgery as logically, no certification would ever insert two titles in such an awkward manner one on top of the other. You’ll also notice that the typeface of the two titles is different from that of the rest of the document. Now notice the next three OSMTJ documents also from 1997 (posted below). All of these official documents only list Van Der Stock as the “Chancellor” and not as the “Seneschal.”  Furthermore, on these 1997 papers, Van Der Stock signs his name only as “Chancellor” and not as the “Seneschal.” Therefore, even Van Der Stock’s own documents reveal that he was never the “Seneschal.” If your browser can translate it, feel free to read more about this forgery here: http://www.osmtj.com/granmaestro.htm

We had a retired police lieutenant, Ken Parris, who had served for a number of years as an investigator, supervising investigator and commanding investigator to inspect this certification and his professional determination was as follows:

“I can affirm your assertion the appointment orders are likely a forgery. The typeface of the offices to which the individual claims appointment are a different typeface than the rest of the document. This, in my experience, is a classic indicator of a forgery. While actual forgery cannot be determined without forensic analysis of the original document, it is my professional and expert opinion your determination of the counterfeit nature of said document is rational, sound and supported by the best evidence available to you.”

We choose not to associate with men like Michel Van Der Stock.


The above reveals that Michel Van Der Stock had only been appointed as the “Chancellor” of the OSMTJ Order.


The above reveals that Michel Van Der Stock had only been appointed as the “Chancellor” of the OSMTJ Order.


The above reveals that Michel Van Der Stock had only been appointed as the “Chancellor” of the OSMTJ Order.

5) Micheal Van Der Stock Conferring Fake Titles of Nobility:   When I first joined Michel Van Der Stock’s group I was amazed at how much nobility he had seemingly gathered.  Many seemed to use the titles “Count,” “Countess” or even “Prince.”  Michel Van Der Stock’s wife, for example, introduced herself as “Countess” Catherine while his second in charge told me he was “Count” Christian Claes.   Impressive to say the least!  The more than eight members holding these titles of nobility took them seriously, asking us to address them with their title and used them everywhere including the signature on their emails.  However my awe turned to disillusionment when I read the eighth page of Michel Van Der Stock’s “Magistral Bulletin 51.7” dated March 18th of 2008 (underlined in red in the image below).   There I read that Michel Van Der Stock confers the titles of: “Prince,” “Comte (Count),” and “Comtesse (Countess).   Michel Van Der Stock is neither the sovereign of any country nor even a royal himself. He has no right or ability under any nation to be conferring titles of nobility.  Many countries, like France, Germany, and England, would take legal action against those like Michel Van Der Stock who confer fake titles of nobility.    It’s hard to take men seriously who engage in this type of behavior.

Page 8 Van Der Stock Red

Eighth page of Michel Van Der Stock’s “Magistral Bulletin 51.7” dated March 18th of 2008 where he lists the fake titles of nobility he gives out.



The above page is the eighth page of Michel Van Der Stock’s “Magistral Bulletin 51.7” dated March 18th of 2008 which has the below cover:


Cover Van Der Stock

The cover page for Michel Van Der Stock’s “Magistral Bulletin 51.7” dated March 18th of 2008 which contains the page above conferring fake titles of “Prince” & “Count”



Alberto Zampolli 2

Alberto Zampolli

The second imitator is found at osmtj.com and is an Italian gold coin salesman named Alberto Zampolli.  Zampolli was once in the organization of Walter Grandis in Italy.  After a few years, there was a split and a group of Knights and Officers, led by Alberto Zampolli, was formed in 1992.  They became an independent group, called The Grand Priory of the Italian Language – OSMTJ.

The recording took place in Pagani, a small town in Lucan, and the group began to expand throughout Italy.  Zampolli was particularly active and created the theory that Hugues de Paynes, the first Grand Master of the Templars, was actually an Italian: Ugo or Hugh de Pagani or De Paganis.  There is no evidence to this and, quite to the contrary, solid evidence that Hugues was French as history records.  On June 25, 2003, Zampolli boasted of having obtained the recognition of the World Templar (AKA: OR.MO.TE)  and, in 2004, he claims that he came into contact with a certain Percy Pasleau, a former Belgian Knight, who, in his opinion, would have been appointed Grand Master by the then Grand Master G. Constantin Platounoff (of the former Covias group of Belgium) in 1965.

Percy Pasleau

Percy Pierre Pasleau

Percy Pasleau, long since disappeared from the chronicles of the Belgian Templars due to age, was suddenly revived by Zampolli who tried to turn him  into a myth for his followers. Shortly before Pasleau’s death, Zampolli claims that Pasleau appointed him (on May 19th 2004) Interim Lieutenant Grand Master  for life, which is quite contradictory.  Upon the death of Pasleau, on May 29th, 2004, Zampolli proclaimed himself 47th G. Master of the Order.  Later Zampolli added embelishments onto his story making up things like Grand Master Georges Lamirand had “realized that Percy Pasleau was the true Grand Master and transferred his authority to him.”   There was neither any documents, evidence, or truth to back up these claims.

So the Templar splinters have created a sub-branch of the Order which then disappears. On this branch is grafted a fake story that is repeated a little everywhere. Since the modern history of the Templars is not well known, but very intricate, this false story becomes (by a chain of “copy and paste”, especially on various websites) believed.  A colossal lie becomes like the truth.

Renown Templar Scholar and Italian Professor, Dr. Stelio Venceslai, researched every detail of Percy Pasleau.  What he discovered was that Percy Pasleau had no power in the Belgium Priory of Covias.   He neither became the Grand Master, nor even a Knight, having been expelled from their Order after only a few months of membership.   As for Percy’s moral authority, just browse the Belgian and French press at that time to evaluate the stature of this man. Dr. Stelio Venceslai looked into this and discovered that Percy Pasleau was not only a convicted con-man in Belgium, he had spent time in jail for these crimes in both Belgium and in France.  Shortly before Percy’s death, he created his final scam of claiming to have been a “Grand Master” in the Covias Group.

With sincere thanks and credit to Dr. Steilio Venceslai for his research which can be found under the heading “#4 Il Gruppo Zampolli” at: www.osmth.it/storia.html