These are exciting times for the OSMTJ Order! Finally the election of a Master has come. Cast your vote today by reading the instructions here:

From ancient times, the Templars have the right to choose their own Master by the votes of the majority.

A Majority of the most senior Grand Priors have called for this election legitimizing our right to finally choose our own Master of the Order.

By its very definition, a “Regent” is the temporary leader of the OSMTJ until a Master of the Order can be elected. The current OSMTJ Rules requires a Regent to hold an election to select a new master within 6 months after a master leaves office. Nicolas has held the position of Regent for about 22 years and has never taken a step to select a Master of the Order. We are the only branch of Templarism that does not have a master. Consequently the senior Grand Priors of the Order are taking this action to select a Master for the Order.

Every Grand Prior has the right to be a candidate for Master by emailing:

Every Grand Prior may vote for the candidate of their choice by emailing: